Welcome to Cog Hill Farm.  We are a very small family farm located in central Alabama, & this is our story, our life.

Cog Hill Farm is the dream & passion of Jason & Brooke Smith.  Two people that just decided to live a certain lifestyle that they thought was just better for them & their family.  We got started on this dream as a homestead & hobby farm over 10 years ago, & now has grown into the small family farm it is today.

We are super passionate about about what we do here on our small family farm.

We also have a very fun & informative weekly farm vlog on our YouTube Channel,  that is updated weekly, & we also have a weekly Podcast as well.  So if you are interested what is happening around here on our farm & homestead, you should definitely check them out.


Thank you!

Jason Smith, The Dancing Farmer

Cog Hill Farm