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Every since our trip over to Simply Making It(Goat Farm) a few weeks ago, where they make goat milk products, we have been thinking about getting a larger dairy goat for our own farm. They actually had 2 nubian dairy goat kids for sale, and I really fell in love with the black and white one that they had named Oreo. After much discussion about buying a new goat for our farm, we decided that it might be best to go ahead and buy both of the nubian kids for our homestead. That way we can have fresh goat milk for our family almost year round. This means we will now own 2 nigerian dwarf dairy goats and also 2 nubian dairy goats, with the option of possibly selling one of our nigerain dwarf goats on down the rode. The new goats just fit right in with the rest of the goat gang, and we have named them PhePhe(The cream one) & Capri(The black & white one), and we just love them and cannot wait to start this new dairy goat adventure! And honestly I cannot wait to get my hands on all that fresh goat's milk.

We have been raising quail for maybe almost a year here on the farm, and this game bird adventure has been super fun! We have met some really great friends, like our buddies over at JK Quail Farm, who we help hatch fertile quail eggs for. But we still have a few too many quail here on our homestead, so we made the decision that it might be time to sell some of these Georgia giant bobwhite quail today. Our friends, the Bliars, aka The Naked Hog(YouTube Channel)

have their own homestead and are wanting to add quail there, and so they came over to the farm and bought some quail from us and start their quail game bird adventure on their homestead.

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