Cog Hill Farm


In today's Family Farm Vlog, we are starting on building the first ever chicken coop or egg mobile at the new farm, the cog hill 40!! This is an old utility trailer that was given to me from my dad, and we think it will be the perfect chicken coop for our pastured egg layers!!

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In today's Cogcast Podcast we discuss how the pressure of moving is getting to Brooke but yet Jason stays cool and calm, what Brooke's mom is living in & what we are about to start on next.

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Turboant Bikes:

In today's Family Farm Vlog, I am finally back to 100% since the tick borne illness I got over a month ago, which was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Now this means I can start building animal fencing and animal shelters for the new farm!!!

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Cog Hill Family

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