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Daily farm chores can be kinda mundane at times. Just the same ole same ole thing every day, unless you do farm chores with an Emu!! Nugget our pet emu just absolutely loves doing the farm chores with me in the mornings, and especially when it comes to taking care of all the waterers on the homestead. This is why I have officially started calling Nugget the water boy. So kickback and watch the entire Cog Hill family try and do the morning farm chores with Nugget, the emu.

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Oh it is getting sooo close, we can just feel it! Both of our Nigerian dwarf goats are about to explode or that's what it looks like. Both girls udders are oh so big and full of milk and they are starting to just lay around a lot, so we know it is not going to be too much longer. Hopefully this week we will have some cute baby goats jumping around.

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Nugget, our pet emu, just absolutely loves water! So much so that if Nugget hears or sees the water hose, you better believe she's running for it, or if the kiddie pool gets filled, Nugget is in it! So today we are taking Nugget to the creek and we are going to have a blast!

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