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With all the chickens we hatch here on the homestead, we are bound to get a lot of roosters because the general rule of thumb is 50 percent. That means 50 percent of the chicken eggs you hatch will be roosters. That leads you to having too many roos on your farm or homestead, and if you get too many roosters, it can cause an imbalance and chaos in your chicken yard. Luckily we have a dear friend that owns a beautiful farm, and all she has is roosters, no hens at all. Why you might ask? Well she just loves roosters, and generally if you have only roos, they will not fight because they really have no reason to fight. So today we took several roosters and also some duck drakes, because just like roosters, you can have too many male ducks, to our friend's beautiful farm to let them roam free, and be a chicken....peacefully.

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We ordered 18 fertile silkie eggs a few weeks ago and only 3 of the silkie eggs hatched, and we think this is why. It has been a while since we actually bought mail ordered hatching eggs from a breeder, and we totally forgot this step when it comes to incubating eggs, and that is letting the hatching eggs rest for six to twelve hours before putting them in your incubator. You do this because the hatching eggs get shook around from being mailed and they just need to rest before and settle before going in your forced air incubator or still air incubator. And we are pretty sure us forgetting this crucial step is the main reason our silkie eggs did not hatch.

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Every since our trip over to Simply Making It(Goat Farm) a few weeks ago, where they make goat milk products, we have been thinking about getting a larger dairy goat for our own farm. They actually had 2 nubian dairy goat kids for sale, and I really fell in love with the black and white one that they had named Oreo. After much discussion about buying a new goat for our farm, we decided that it might be best to go ahead and buy both of the nubian kids for our homestead. That way we can have fresh goat milk for our family almost year round. This means we will now own 2 nigerian dwarf dairy goats and also 2 nubian dairy goats, with the option of possibly selling one of our nigerain dwarf goats on down the rode. The new goats just fit right in with the rest of the goat gang, and we have named them PhePhe(The cream one) & Capri(The black & white one), and we just love them and cannot wait to start this new dairy goat adventure! And honestly I cannot wait to get my hands on all that fresh goat's milk.

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