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It is always a concern of ours if the other goats will be ok around the new baby goats, and so far on our farm, they are. The new older Nubian goats we recently got, PhePhe and Capri, are such sweethearts and so loving and carefree, that they have adapted well with the new baby goat kids running around, and speaking of new baby goats running around, these cuties are running, jumping and dancing all over the place...there is nothing in the world that will make you smile and laugh like watching baby goats dancing and having fun!

Oh and we made homemade vanilla ice cream out of goat's milk, & it was AWESOME!!

Vanilla Goat Milk Ice Cream Recipe:

2 Cups of Goat Milk

2 Cups of Goat cream

1 Cup of Sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

and follow your ice cream maker's instructions. Also you can substitute the goat's milk and goat cream for cow's milk and heavy cream.

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Bootsie, our miniature Nigerian dwarf goat, is finally about to have her baby goat or goats, but the entire labor process did not go quite as planned right at first. All that being said, we now have more dairy goats running around on the farm.

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It has been 21 days, and the special mail ordered silkie chicken eggs are hatching! We are hoping this goes better than last time we tried to hatch silkie eggs!

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