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We really want to know if Nugget our pet emu is a boy or a girl. There are pretty big differences between a male emu and a female emu, one is the female emu is bigger than the male emu, the other is that the female emu drums like a turkey and the male emu grunts kinda like a pig. one crazy thing about emus, that is typically not the norm in the bird word, and that is the male emu builds the nest for the emu eggs, he sits on the eggs until they hatch and the male emu also raises the baby emus for 18 months. Also the consensus is that the male emus are much friendlier than the female emus. Plus we are getting Nugget DNA tested because if we ever wanted to get nugget a mate, we would want to get the opposite sex so we could hatch our on fertile emu eggs. So hopefully in a week or so, Nugget's DNA test will come back from animal genetics testing and we will learn what the gender of Nugget is and we can have a DNA results, gender reveal party.

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We have been discussing us getting a new breeding buck on our family farm, because we did not want to cross breed our nigerain dwarf dairy goats with our nubian dairy goats, so today we got a registered nubian buck goat so we can breed him with our 2 new nubian does. His name is Mighty Joe, and he is from our friends farm, and he is just perfect our goat herd, and is exactly what we were looking for in a Nubian breeding buck.

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