3 Chicken Breeds We CANNOT Live Without!! [We LOVE These Breeds] 🐓🐔

I recently asked the family what was there favorite chicken breed & why, you know, the one chicken breed they could not live without. Well the MaryCarl & mine were not too shocking, but I must say, we were kinda surprised by Mrs. Cog Hill's favorite chicken breed. Here are our favorite three chickens breeds on our homestead:

1. Silkies - This was MaryCarl's favorite breed of chicken. Silkies are so unique and beautiful looking, with their solid black skin and blue ears,m and those amazing feathers that really look like hair. Silkies are very docile and cannot fl. They are not great layers, but the Silkies are hands down the broodiest and best mother hens of any chicken breed out there. So much so, if you do not have an incubator, get a silkie, because they do all the work for you.

2. Naked Neck(Turken)- This was Jason's favorite breed. Naked necks, also known as turkens, because, well they look like a chicken and turkey cross, but that is not the case. The naked necks are a chicken breed that do not have any neck feathers, and look pretty darn cool. Turkens are very docile, are great foragers, extremely hardy, and they lay lots of eggs. The naked necks are one of the most productive egg layer on our farm, and we just absolutely love them.

3. Cochin- This was Mrs. Cog Hill's favorite breed. This was somewhat surprising because if you would have asked MC or I(Jason), what was Mrs. CH's favorite, breed, neither of us would have guessed this, but I can totally understand why she loves them. Cochins like the other 2 we've named, are a very docile. Cochins also lay a lot of eggs, and are one of the best egg layers here on the farm, but they are also stunning. Cochins can come in all varieties of colors, but what sets them apart from like a rhode island red, is their big feathered feet.

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