Are These Ayam Cemani Eggs ACTUALLY Fertile?

So it is getting super close to time for the ayam cemani eggs to hatch here on the homestead. So before we move them into the hatcher and put them on lock down, we want to candle them to make sure they are fertile. And also we have some other rare and unique hatching eggs as well in the incubator, and they are cream legbar chickens, which lay those beautiful blue eggs, and also red golden pheasants, which do not even look real they are so beautiful! Evenin time rolls around, which makes an ideal time to check and candle your hatching eggs, and out of 5 ayama cemani eggs, 3 were fertile, 4 out of 5 cream legbar eggs were fertile, and 8 out of 9 red golden pheasants were fertile! Needless to say that MC is super stoked about the new family members that are about to hatch here on the farm!!

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