BEST Thing We EVER Done For The Chicken Coop Pen!!

We are working on the large chicken pen area today because we are wanting to try and stop the chicken yard for getting too muddy and try and keep the chicken run as clean as possible. So we decided to try something and that is to put gravel as a bedding in this area of the pen and this will hopefully let the rain water to drain down in the rocks and not cause any mud in the chicken pen. Now as y'all know, we do free range our chickens on 7 1/2 acres of land, so this the only area they are in on our homestead. The chickens still have plenty of room to scratch, eat bugs, dust bathe, and all the other things that chickens love to do. This gravel is really to keep this human high traffic area from getting really muddy. This is where we are constantly walking because this is where all of the feed and waterers are located, not to mention where we gather eggs daily. So keeping this area really clean is very important to us and the health of our poultry.

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