Our PEACOCKS Are Hatching!!!

If you keep up with our YouTube channel then you know that a few weeks ago we found our peahen's nest, which was hidden in the woods, which had five baby peacock eggs in there. After much deliberation, we decided to take two of the peacock eggs and leave the her(Ozella) three of the eggs., and this would make sure that hopefully 2 pea chicks would hatch. Well yesterday the peacock babies started hatching in our incubator, and in a few hours both baby peacocks hatched out and both are super healthy. Well this made us wonder if Ozella's, the peahen, eggs hatched as well, but we did not see her until a day later and guess what.....all three of her eggs hatched as well!! So it was a 100% hatch rate on the peafowl eggs on the farm!! And Scoot is one proud daddy!

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