The Breed Of Chicken She's TRULY Passionate About! [Raising Chickens]

We have been raising chickens for years now, and during this chicken adventure we have been on, we have have raised or owned so many different types chicken breeds. From heritage breed chickens, to rare chicken breeds, to Plymouth rock chickens to ayam cemani chickens. You name it, we have hatched it or have raised it. But over the last few weeks we have noticed that MC really loves certain breeds of chickens, and those are mainly Silkie chickens and show girl chickens. These 2 breeds she is truly passionate about, and so we have decided that we are going to start to slim down our egg laying flock somewhat, and start focusing more on those specific chicken breeds, the silkie and show girls. We plan to get NPIP certified and that will allow us to show our silkie chickens and also will allow us to ship fertile hatching eggs as well. We hope that MaryCarl becomes the Silkie Queen of the southeastern US and starts to learn more and more about the Silkie and becomes an expert on these particular chicken breeds.