This Just Made Our Chickens SUPER Happy!! (Major Coop Upgrade)

When we built our chicken coop a few months ago, we installed an automatic chicken coop door opener, but unfortunately it would not work half of the time. So I sent out some feelers and a company called Omlet, responded back and said they just knew their automatic door would fit our needs here on the farm, and that our chickens would be very happy! Installing the Omlet automatic door was very simple, and I just love the 3 settings that operate the automatic door. First is a manual open and close method, 2nd is a sensor method that tells the door to open at sunlight and to close at night, and the 3rd way is a timer method, which you set the time you want the automatic chicken door to open and close, and this is the method we are using. After installing the automatic coop door

from Omlet, it has worked perfectly and us and the chickens are super stoked!

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