We Just Got A Baby Emu!

Well it is a very special day here on the farm because Mrs. Cog Hill has been talking with an Emu farm in Georgia for the last week and we decided to make the trip and purchase 2 emu babies from them. We hopped in the car and headed over to Auburn Georgia to get the newest members of the Cog Hill family, and when we get there, the emu farmer tells us that they have been watching our YouTube videos and have this 1 very special pet emu named Nugget, that has been hand raised from day one and has been living in her daughter's bed room since it hatched and that this emu chick is super friendly and would make the perfect farm pet, and that we could have her because she just adored MaryCarl. So we made the decision to take this very special emu(Nugget), but now this means we have three emu babies and our original plan was to only get two emu babies. So Mrs Cog Hill had a great idea to contact our good friends over at JK Farm and see if they may want the two emus that we originally had planned to get for our farm, because their grandson has been trying to hatch emu eggs for a while now, not to mention their beautiful farm is located on our way home. We it did not take much convincing at all because they did decided to take the 2 emu babies for their grandson. This means now we have 1 super friendly baby emu and it did not take long for Nugget to fit in perfectly on our farm, and also MC is in heaven. Well that is probably an understatement LOL. Plus if we see that Nugget needs a buddy, we have the local friend that has a pair of Emus and we can have all the hatching eggs we want!