What Are We Doing With ALL These ROOSTERS?!?

With all the chickens we hatch here on the homestead, we are bound to get a lot of roosters because the general rule of thumb is 50 percent. That means 50 percent of the chicken eggs you hatch will be roosters. That leads you to having too many roos on your farm or homestead, and if you get too many roosters, it can cause an imbalance and chaos in your chicken yard. Luckily we have a dear friend that owns a beautiful farm, and all she has is roosters, no hens at all. Why you might ask? Well she just loves roosters, and generally if you have only roos, they will not fight because they really have no reason to fight. So today we took several roosters and also some duck drakes, because just like roosters, you can have too many male ducks, to our friend's beautiful farm to let them roam free, and be a chicken....peacefully.

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